Welcome to the Horsey Life. I originally started this site so I could share some of my thoughts and experiences with horses.

As things evolved with my writing, I decided I wanted to host 2 separate blogs on horses – one for general horsey wisdom and goodness and one based on the book I’m working on — So the Kids Want a Horse. Hopefully the title is relatively self-explanatory – but if not, the blog and book are geared toward parents of horse-crazy kids.

The Horsey Life blog may serve up anything from reflections on horse ownership, lessons learned, and the general magnificence of horses.

I’ve been a professional horse woman for nearly 40 years, and still am amazed by what I learn from and about horses on a daily basis.


I hope this becomes a place you can come to learn a little about horses and life — because the former certainly make¬†the latter far more rewarding.

Head on over to either The Horsey Life Blog page or, if you have horse crazy kids, the So the Kids Want a Horse blog and have a read. Comments and questions are welcome.

And if you want to know a bit more about my background or my freelance writing career, check out the About Me and My Writing Life pages.

If you have a topic you’d like me to cover, please drop me an email at Penny@TheHorseWriter.com.

Thanks for stopping by.


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